Water Damage Photo Gallery

Home Office Water Damage

Home Office Water Damage

This home is owned by retired folks and so when they had a water flood due to washer behind their home office they were so stressed, but knowing that SERVPRO of Bellflower was in-charge of the mitigation process their stress level minimized to almost non-existent. They were so happy they gave us a great review.

It's Raining in the Bathroom

Water From The Ceiling

This home in Long Beach, CA had a water damage due to a pipe that burst on the top floor bathroom and flooded the bottom bathroom. SERVPRO of Bellflower extracted the water and dried everything out. As you can see that the walls and ceiling had to be torn out to be able to dry and fix the plumbing. After the plumber came and fixed the pipes we finished our work in a matter of days. Another happy customer.

Water mitigation

Water damage at San Clemente, CA

What a broken water pipe cause. At this location a pipe had a pinhole that without noticing, leaked water and caused so much damage. As yo can see in the picture that so much floor had to be removed to be able to dry.

SERVPRO team looking for moisture within wood

The SERVPRO squad checking for hidden moisture

When you suffer a water damage, there are many areas that might go unaddressed if you don't have the proper equipment. The SERVPRO of Bellflower squad has the latest equipment and training to detect for moisture in these hard-to-see areas. 

SERVPRO team member is seen extracting water

The SERVPRO of Bellflower squad extracting water

In this office, the customer had water seep through the wall next door. Luckily, we were there to extract the water immediately before any major damage occurred. We have the capability to extract heavy amounts of water with our state of the art equipment. 

Display of how we service hardwood floors

Grand Opening Displays

Here we have a display demonstrating the capability of our equipment for hardwood floors. If you have a wood floor that you are trying to save, this machine has the capability of injecting concentrated heat to the affected hard wood floor.