Recent Before & After Photos

The water loss in the upstairs unit affected this downstairs unit and its contents

This water damaged room in Bellflower, CA, was affected by a water loss that had originated in the upstairs unit directly above it. The water had affected most ... READ MORE

Heavy rain seeped through the outside walls of this Bellflower home!

The heavy rain from this last Christmas seeped through the outside walls of this home causing some water damage. After some heavy rain, the water had accumulate... READ MORE

Outside Garden on the side of home affects walls of Bellflower home!

Sometimes, water damage to your home can happen in the way you least expect. Often times, we overlook some of the potential problems that can happen from the ou... READ MORE

Water damaged sub-flooring and walls in Lakewood, CA

This home was affected by a busted pipe underneath in the crawlspace. Besides having their entire crawlspace flooded with water, they also had water damage affe... READ MORE

We make it look newer than before!

This house was affected by an overflow of the main plumbing line. The water seeped through the sub-flooring, leaving the crawlspace flooded and the wood floorin... READ MORE

The SERVPRO of Bellflower Squad made this water damage look "Like it never even happened."

Our Marketer, Carlos Lopez, was visiting this State Farm insurance office in Bellflower, when during his visit they began to notice water begin to seep through ... READ MORE