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Water damage due to solar panel installation company

5/6/2022 (Permalink)

Screw pierced water line Screw pierced water line

Water damage is prone to happen to anyone’s property. Most of the time it is no one’s fault because it could be an appliance malfunction, appliance wear and tear, piping deterioration, storm damage or things like that. Though, sometimes it can be someone’s fault or accidental fault, like this case.

A property owner at San Luis Obispo called us because he noticed that there was a leak in the celling of his living room. Our techs were sent to do an inspection that same day. Upon arrival they began their inspection and noticed that in-fact there was water damage on the celling and very little on the floor.

The techs continued the inspection to determine the cause of loss. They asked the property owner if he had just installed the solar panels. He responded that yes, they were just installed. They asked because they noticed that there was a screw that had pierced a water line. The installers had made a mistake and made a hole on water like and cause water damage to the home.

We were able to dry in a few days and they had that pipe repaired.

Reaching 2000 SERVPRO franchises

5/5/2022 (Permalink)

2000 Franchises 2000 Franchises

In 1046 10 large carpet cleaning company founded the National Institute of Rug Cleaning (NIRC) which then later was rebranded 3 time, but it was in the 1960’s when it was rebranded from NIRC to The Association of Interior Decor Specialist that the restoration industry really began. Since then so many changes and additions have happened. Since the beginning of the industry SERVPRO came to be in 1967 by Ted and Doris Isaacson as a painting company but because of their background and experience in the restoration industry they turned it into exactly that. A restoration company with franchise opportunities.

Since then, SERVPRO has grown so much and franchised have been opened up all over the U.S. and Canada. All strategically placed so that whenever there is a loss, they can get to it as soon as possible.

 It hasn’t been too long ago when I was saying that there were around 1,900 franchises currently open. Actually, I just said it at a presentation about two months ago and just a few days ago SERVPRO did their 200th SERVPRO episode announcing that they had just sold their 2000 plus 1 franchise! We currently have 2001 franchises and growing.

We work with insurance.

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

Insurance companies Insurance companies

Why hire SERVPRO of Bellflower? Well, there are many, many, reasons why but one of the main ones is that we not only take self-pay jobs, we also work with insurance.

SERVPRO of Bellflower understands that most of these jobs are claims because really who has $10,000, $20,000 lying around and isn’t that the reason we get insurance in the first place. So that if we ever have to go through this we are covered and not have to worry about how you are going to pay for all of this.

We keep in-touch with your adjuster at all times and while we inform him of every step, we do the same with you.

We work with almost every insurance company. So, need to worry that we will not make you property “Like it never even happened.”

How SERVPRO of Bellflower remove smoke and soot from your home after a fire.

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Kitchen fire Something left on top of stove caught fire

When a fire occurs there are residues that are left behind called soot. A lot of the time these fires are not that big, but the smoke and soot that they leave behind is a big job.

What is smoke and soot? Smoke is the cloud that carries the soot. Soot is the fine particle dust that is left behind. Soot clings on to wall, ceilings and building contents. Its is very difficult to remove and sometimes even impossible.

SERVPRO of Bellflower uses industrial chemicals produced specially for those types of jobs, along with specialized equipment.

We use dry sponges to remove soot. When it is a smaller job it where there isn’t a lot of visible soot, it is fairly easy to remove. Now, when it is on the bigger side, we can remove a lot of the soot but not completely. Like I said some soot is impossible to be removed. When we are done, we have to wipe walls and ceilings with a solution called “Wall and all”. When done with that we wipe with another solution to wipe down the walls and ceiling from that chemical so no chemicals are left on walls or ceilings.

Personal contents like big furniture are cleaned and wiped down on site and stored in onsite storage units if needed to be stores for some days. Smaller contents are packed safely in boxes and brought back to our facility to be cleaned and clothes are washed and dry-cleaned.

When everything is washed, cleaned, and wiped down, everything is put back to its place.

We take care of your stuff like if it was ours.

Barbecue season is coming and along with it the increase of fire.

4/14/2022 (Permalink)

Grill-on-fire A gas grill that's on fire

With spring here and summer coming the sun is out and people are ready to start grilling season. That means that the risk for fire increases once more.

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) May is at 13% for grill fires and that include both structural, outdoor or unclassified fires. June has a 15%, July at the top with 18%, and last is August with 12%. Gas grills involve in an average 8,900 home fires per year. An average of 22% of those fires were due to leaks or breaks in gas grills.

In 2014-2018 an average of 19,700 patients went to emergency rooms due to injuries involving grill.

So, before you start grilling, inspect your grills. Make sure that there are no gas leaks.

Clean your grill as well as often as possible. When you grill is not clean it adds more potential to start a fire. Keeping a clean grill means a safer environment.

The Dean residence in Bellflower, CA

4/14/2022 (Permalink)

Heavy soot damage Heavy soot damage

This property came to us as a water job, but I did not go thru because the water claim was not worth to open. We were honest with the customer. We will not lie just to get the job.

Not long after the job was closed, the customer called us again because this time she had a fire in her kitchen which didn’t destroy anything but the range hood. Although, nothing else was destroyed there was a lot of soot in the kitchen, dining room, a sun room, the den, hallway and the laundry room. The soot was able to travel to different rooms because of the smoke.

Because of how extensive the soot traveled we had to remove contents from inside of the affected rooms. All the big furniture was cleaned and stored in an onsite storage unit. All the other small contents were wrapped and boxed to bring to the SERVPRO of Bellflower facility to be cleaned and stores.

When the rooms were emptied, we got to cleaning the wall, ceilings, windows, floors, and everything in-between. In the kitchen everything was cleaned including the cabinets exteriors, everything she had inside the cabinets. We used specialized chemicals to clean everything. It took us a few days but it got done.

All the things that were wrapped and boxed were brought back to the office and a team got to cleaning them at the SERVPRO of Bellflower facility. Clothes were washed and dry-cleaned.

 When all was done, the customer saw this as a blessing in disguised because in the beginning she was distraught at what had happened, but after we were done, she was so happy and thankful!

Can water damage be a DIY?

2/1/2022 (Permalink)

DIY Water Damage A woman trying to remediate water damage herself, but cannot.

How hard can getting rid of water damage be? Have you ever though that water damage can be easy enough to be able to handle it by yourself? HA! Yes, if the water damage was very, very, but very small, maybe you can handle it on your own without the assistance of professionals. How do you know though if the damage was small? How do you know where the water damage stopped? You really don’t know unless you have the equipment to detect water.

With your bare eyes you may not be able to see what has water damage. You may not be able to see that there is water trapped inside the walls, or in the framing, or maybe even under you flooring or home. That is why I said that you need special equipment that can detect water that material has absorbed but yet it not noticeable.

What if you say “Well it was wet but I think its dry now because I dint see any more water.” You leave it like that and don’t realize it that mold may grow. Sure enough a few weeks later you notice that there are black spots on the wall. You clean it up but they return a few days later. This time you call a professional to take a look and they say that the water damage that you thought was small actually penetrated inside that wall and there is mold growing inside.

When mold is present it becomes a biohazard and it is a more complicated and bigger job. So, if you have water damage call SERVPRO of Bellflower to do an inspection and see in actuality how much and what has water damaged but most importantly how to take care of it.

SERVPRO of Bellflower 562-608-8805

Water Damage at the Belle Porte Residence

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

Tented flooring Taped down plastic on the floor

It is always so hard to have to go thru a water loss at your property, now imagine how much harder it is when it happens in the holidays. That is the worst.

That is what happened to one of our clients. She called in the beginning of November, right before Thanksgiving. One of the pipes that ran under her home in the crawl space ruptures. That caused water damage to the floor, subfloor and the framing. We had to move everything out of her master bed room, the hallway and part of the living room. Then we had to tent the floor. That means that we tape down plastic to cover the floor and the set up a dehumidifier with a plastic tunnel connecting the taped down plastic tape and the dehumidifier. That way the hot air is concentrated on the floor and extracting the moisture only from the floor as well.

It didn’t take it very long to dry the floor but the subfloor and the framing took about two days longer than the floor.

Once done drying out, then we start with the repairs as carpet was removed. Once the carpet was places and small touches were done. Then the move back off all their belongings and furniture was done. “Like it never even happened.”

Charlemagne Property

1/18/2022 (Permalink)

Removed Material Removed Material in the living room

This work for this property was started on the 15th of December 2021 and we are already working on the repairs.

Here is how it all started. We received a call from a customer on December 13th at 12:30 pm saying that he needed our services because he had a leak in the living room ceiling. He advised that he went upstairs trying to find out where the leak was coming from. As he inspected the upstairs rooms, he notices that the toilet tank was overflowing. He immediately turned the toilet.

Our techs arrived on site on December 14th,2021 at 8am per customer’s request. They stated the inspection in the top floor and found high levels of moisture on the vinyl sheet flooring in the bathroom. Continuing the inspection to the bottom floor high levels of moisture were also detected on part of the wall and ceiling of the living room.

Due to the year when the property was built, it needed lead and asbestos testing. Test results came back negative and we started the mitigation process in which we began the drying material that can be dried in place and removing affected material that is not salvageable.

The repair process is almost done as well. In a matter of weeks, we are almost done with everything.

If you have water damage for what ever reason, can me a toilet overflow, an appliance that malfunctioned, or even due to mother nature, we are here and can handle anything big or small.

SERVPRO of Bellflower   562-608-8805

Sanitizing a Restaurant In Bellflower, CA

1/18/2022 (Permalink)

Certified cleaned table sign stand Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned table sign stand

We, here at SERVPRO of Bellflower, understand that Bellflower is a small city, small community and since we are a small community, we look out for each other.

Recently a restaurant here in Bellflower, CA had to close its doors for a few days due to Covid. One or two of their employees got covid and they understood that safety come first.

This restaurant is very well known here in Bellflower, CA. Everybody was sad to see that this restaurant had to close temporarily. As the days grew closer for them to open up the restaurant, we offered to do sanitizing of the front of the restaurant because we saw that they were cautious and wanted to make sure that their staff and customers were safe.

We did the sanitizing and they were happy because now they had peace of mind that they can open the restaurant with confidence that it is clean and safe for customers.

We also want to do our part to keep every one safe and covid free.