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Signs that a storm may be approaching

7/15/2022 (Permalink)

Storm is coming There are a lot of dark fluffy clouds

Yes, it is summer season but as you can tell from the last coupe of days that summer is not exempt from getting rain and thunder. In other words, we still get storms during the summer now.

Our world and weather have drastically changed. Now we get weather changes in the blink of an eye. One minute it is hot and the next we are in the middle if a thunder and lightning storm, like the one that we just got in southern Cali a few days ago. So how can you tell when a storm is coming?

Well, there are weather changes that you can see before the storm actually arrives. Look for changed such as:

  • Large, puffy cumulus clouds
  • Abrupt changes in the wind direction
  • Drop in atmospheric pressure
  • Sudden drop in temperature
  • Darkening sky and clouds

So even though it is summer, prepared for storms because you want to be prepared for any weather changes.

Check out of our other blogs. We have one to help prepare for storm season.

How to prepared for storm season right now.

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

sign asking "Are you ready?" sign asking "Are you ready?"

Summer is just about to begin, but that does not mean its too early to start preparing for storm season. Yes, storm season is months away, but there are many reasons to start with the preparations early.  I will mention these reasons while I also list the things you can do right now to prepare for the storm season.

Things to do right now to prepare for storm season.

In case you have to evacuate:

  1. Assemble your own preparedness kit with the following: Flashlights, batteries, cash, and First aid supplies, water, cellphone charger and power bank.
  2. Make sure that your vehicle is prepared for a storm. Check that your windshield wipers are working properly and cleaning all the water. Check your tire that are not worn out by doing the penny test.
  3. Create an emergency plan and include an out-of-town contact to be your check-in person. Choose a local place where your family can meet in the case your get separated or are separated in the case that your home is unsafe.

Preparing you Home:

  1. Clean the gutters, trim over hanging trees and trim dread branches.
  2. have a licensed roofer do a roof inspection to see if there are damages that need to get addressed and fixed
  3. secure fences.
  4. Buy sand bags to have just incase needed.
  5. Secure Furniture
  6. Make a list of all your personal belongings.
  7. Inspect all your door and windows and reseal if necessary.

You can start with all of this right now as most of these things a cheaper in price as opposed to getting them during storm season. Starting right now gives you time to plan and get all of this done before those storm months and if anything needs to be exchanged or revised/redone you will have time. You will not be caught off guard getting all this done before time.

Residence at Fanwood Bellflower, CA

1/17/2022 (Permalink)

Damage to living room ceiling Blue tape was placed to enclose where there was moisture detected.

We received this customer who needed assistance because he noticed water leaking from the ceiling in his living room. SERVPRO of Bellflower arrived at the property not to long after and proceeded to the inspection. Upon our inspection the tech noticed that they had a crack/splitting in the rolled roof. There was where the water entered their home due to the recent heavy rains.

Inside the home you were able to observe that there was yellow staining in the ceiling and bit of bubbling.

That day our field tech installed a roof tarp to help minimize the water intrusion in the case it rained again.

The insurance was contacted and a claim was opened. The whole mitigation process was covered. We are all done with the mitigation and now to the repairs.

We also have updates on our work thru social media.





The Briercrest property

1/17/2022 (Permalink)

Collage of photos that require restoration work Different stages of the work performed

In every rainy season we get a lot of work. Mostly Homes with roof damage. They call because they have a leak in their ceiling and this year is no different.

This owner of a property in Bellflower, CA. noticed a leak thru the bathroom fixture. They did the smart thing and called SERVPRO of Bellflower.

Our team arrived within the hour. The owner explained that they were able to set up a roof tarp. We added to the roof tarp to maximize the protection against further water intrusion. 

High levels of moisture were detected in the ceiling and wall. Water was also observed on the floor of the bathroom.

We suggested to the owner that he get the roof repaired by a licensed professional before any mitigation service starts because if we would have started and it were to rain again and water seeps thru again the drying was done for nothing. They did get the roof repaired and we did the dry out. Now it’s time to start the reconstruction.

If you have water damage due to rains call us, SERVPRO of Bellflower.

Roof tarps can be a real home saver.

12/23/2021 (Permalink)

Tarp on a residential roof Tarp on a residential roof

When Mother Nature strikes us with strong winds, strong rain, or storm you may have not know that your roof was in need of some repairs or maintenance. So, when we get hit by any of those, your roof gets damaged and you could potentially be facing a leak inside your home, insects or debris entering your home. None of those are fun.

What to do then? If there was any type of storm, rain, or wind, check your roof for any damages that may have occurred. If you see that your roof may have been compromised, a tarp is the way to go. A tarp can temporarily protect your home from any further damages.

Hire professionals to install a tarp. It may look easy to install but do underestimate how easy it looks to set up.

The photo with this blog is and actual photo of a tarp that we, SERVPRO of Bellflower, set up for a home that actually suffered water damage due to a storm. We installed the tarp, for temporary protection while they hired a professional to repair the roof.

Not all tarps are blue. There are different types of tarp material and colors. For example the one that we set up.

Roof maintenance for the storms to come.

11/22/2021 (Permalink)

Storm damage storm damage to a roof

Its cold season and with that comes rains and storms. Your home is what stand between you and the storm. The roof is what takes the most damage when there is rain or hail or a storm. When was the last time you replaced or at least did some maintenance? If you have not done any in many, many years, eventually there are going to be damages to it. If you are at that point then expect to get showers inside you home.

It is not difficult to inspect and do small repairs to your roof.

Here are some tips to what to look for when doing an inspection.

  • Any appearance of sagging or leaning
  • Obvious patches and cracks
  • Torn, cracked, or missing shingles
  • Damage or loose material around your chimneys, vents, and pipes
  • Lots of visible shingle granules (These look like sand.)
  • Detached gutters and downspouts
  • A large accumulation of debris
  • Algae growth
  • Wet spots on the ceiling

If you notice damage that you cannot repair hire a licensed roofer and if you already have water damages inside your home, we are the professionals to call. SERVPRO of Bellflower 562-608-8805