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November the month of being Thankful!

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

Thankful for you! Thankful for you!

November is officially National Gratitude month, and what better way to celebrate than to make an extra effort daily to thank someone in your life. It’s no coincidence that gratitude month and Thanksgiving fall during 30-day period. However, gratitude means more than saying “thanks.” It is a deeper feeling of satisfaction and appreciation that fulfills and nourishes from the inside out.

Practicing gratitude or reflecting on what you’re grateful for has been proven to generate a positive impact in psychological, physical and interpersonal wellbeing. People express how reflecting and feeling grateful for their blessings is a beneficial way to deal with chaotic, stressful and tense life moments. The benefits of gratitude impact individuals in a physical, psychological and social matter, according to a study from the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley. People that practice gratitude on a daily basis tend to have:

  • Fewer feelings of isolation and loneliness.
  • A stronger immune system.
  • Better sleep.
  • Lowered blood pressure.
  • Reduced anxiety and depression.
  • Reduction in body aches and pains.
  • More forgiveness.
  • Increased satisfaction at work/school.

So, a slight change in mental attitude can positively affect us in many ways. As an organization seeking motivated, passionate and happy employees, these benefits serve as an inspiration to encourage “gratitude attitude” in business. Here at SERVPRO of Bellflower we appreciate one another and our clients every day!

Here are some creative activities you to consider implementing to boost gratitude:

  • On the first day of November send all your employees a gratitude email or letter. Sharing your gratitude for their hard work will make them feel special and appreciated.
  • During the month set a daily time for employees stop, and take a minute or two to think and meditate about something or someone for which they are thankful.
  • Plan a local community service activity that employees can attend. Schedule days (weekends) to spend time volunteering at an animal shelter, local church or food bank. Many national and global organizations implement acts of charity to show gratitude. Finding ways to give back to the community makes people work and feel better.

So, don’t forget the power of gratitude. Turn gratefulness and saying thank you into a habit. It creates a positive mindset and illuminates how life is a gift.

Get Cozy with Furniture Cleaning This Holiday Season

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Upholstery Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning

The most wonderful time of the year is in full swing! With all the festivities to come and all the required preparations, you’ve likely been considering all that’s required around your home to get ready. 

Here’s how we can help you, your family, and loved ones more fully enjoy this special season with our furniture cleaning service from SERVPRO of Bellflower

Furniture Cleaning for The Holidays 

This is likely a time when even more guests than usual will spend time in your home. With the hustle and bustle of people coming in and out throughout the season, furniture cleaning is essential to making sure your home is a presentable, healthy, and safe place to gather. 

The colder weather naturally means you’ll be spending more time indoors this season. Whether you’re cozying up on the couch watching a movie together, enjoying your favorite holiday treats, or simply spending quality time catching up with those you love most. There’s no doubt cherished memories will be made in your home, so shouldn’t it be a pleasant space for you and your family? 

Furniture cleaning not only makes your home look its best for guests, but makes your time at home that much more comfortable. Soft upholstery fibers quickly pick up bad odor and stains. These unpleasant situations are especially high during winter months when you likely spend more time lounging on your furniture and may have guest coming over to celebrate the holidays with you.

Even though you may have a packed daily schedule, we have good news! The team of SERVPRO of Bellflower is ready and available to service you so your furniture is clean and your home is ready for the Holidays!

Call us to set up your Upholstery cleaning appointment at (562)608-8805

Safety Fire Pit Tips

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

People gathered around a fire pit Stay Safe Families! If you have a fire situation, commercial or residential call us at 562-608-8805. Faster to any size disaster.

Many of us are looking forward to spending time gathering around a fire pits to enjoy time with family and friends. Before you start dreaming of moonlit nights and toasted marshmallows, take a moment to check out some of these tips to remember.

Backyard Fire Pit Safety Tips:

  1. Whether you prefer a built-in or portable fire pit, choose one that is not too large for the area. The pit should be a minimum of 10 feet away from any structures or combustible materials as well as away from trees, fences, sheds, power lines, and telephone wires, 25 feet away from apartment or multi residence buildings.
  2. Make sure that the seating area is large enough and properly placed for comfort and ventilation.
  3. Check wind direction before lighting a fire.
  4. Don’t use flammable fluids (gasoline, lighter fluid, etc.) to light or relight fires.
  5. To start the fire, use a lighter to ignite crumpled pieces of paper covered with small sticks. Then, add larger sticks and a log or two to keep it burning. 
  6. Burn only dry material. Damp material will create excess smoke. 
  7. Use a commercial fire pit screen on top to help prevent large amber from leaving the controlled area. 
  8. Don’t wear flammable clothing (like nylon) or any loose-fitting clothing.
  9. Never leave the fire unattended, and keep pets and children far away from the fire as they will be attracted to it.
  10. Keep a fire extinguisher, garden hose, or bucket of water nearby.
  11. As the fire dies down, use a shovel and spread out the ashes to allow them to cool down. Then slowly pour water over those ashes and watch them closely to be sure that no burning embers remain or reignite. Put the cooled ashes in a specially designated ash storage metal can. 

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