Storm Damage Photo Gallery

storm is approaching

SERVPRO Of Bellflower Ready To Any Size Storm Damage

Why SERVPRO of Bellflower for your storm damage needs? Because we are here 24/7, we have the tools and knowledge, we are faster to any size job, we have 13 plus yrs experience in the mitigation industry and have the capacity to do reconstruction. We have specific training in storm damages. If you need any more reasons, we have so many more.

Raining in the Livingroom

Raining in the Livingroom

This property owner got to experience raining in her living room. NOT FUN she said. By the picture you can see that in-fact it was not fun. SERVPRO of Bellflower removed all the affected area and dried in a matter of a few days. The faster and efficiently we move, the better for the customer.

ceiling water damage

Ceiling Water Pocket

On this photo you can see the damages a small storm can come with. This property owner woke to this. As he slept this happened and heard nothing. he called SERVPRO and we were done in a matter of days. Making it easier for our customer.

extensive storm damage

Storms cause havoc

When the storm hit they cause havoc. As you can see at this property the storm ripped of pieces of the roof, leaving the attic exposed and rain water seeped through. This was some extensive damage. With SERVPRO on their side we made it "Like it never even happened."

Flooded warehouse

Flooded warehouse

During storm season in Bellflower, CA this commercial property was flooded. As you can see in the picture that water got into the warehouse and damaged so much. SERVPRO of Bellflower was called and our field technicians extracted water and set up drying equipment. In a matter of days everything was dry.

storm damage to living room

Storms fault!

This storm caused this home owner in Bellflower, CA severe roof, attic and living room damages. As you can see in the picture how much was affected. Good thing SERVPRO of bell flower removed all of the affecter area before it became worse.