Fire Damage Photo Gallery

kitchen Fire

Consequences of a fire

The home owner of this property in Norwalk, CA. left a pan on oil on the stove and this is what happened thankfully the fire was extinguished before it became a total loss. The customer hired us to do the cleaning. As soon as we got to the home you would not have thought that there was that much soot, but as soon as we started the cleaning you could notice the actual soot on the walls and ceiling. We cleaned as much as possible and customer will do repairs to the cabinetry next to the stove and repaint. 

What fire damage?

What fire damage?

Who would've known that there was a fire damage at this location in Norwalk, CA? This is was SERVPRO of Bellflower can do for you. We got this kitchen better than preloss conditions. Amazing!

Fire damage

Never leave food on the stove unattended.

Its is always said that when you cook do not leave food unattended because you never know what can happen. This home owner was cooking and left for a few mins he said, but forgot that he had food cooking and as fire consumed part of his kitchen. SERVPRO was sent to do the mitigation. the customer was happy at how easy the mitigation process was. If you have fire damage call us and we will be there to make the process less painful. (562)608-8805

Fire damage

Fires are no Joke

Fires are not a joke. a resident of this location in Bellflower, CA left a cigarette unattended that fell to the floor and started a fire. SERVPRO of Bellflower was called to the mitigation nd reconstruction and customer was so happy to get his home back.

Microwave accident

Fire aftermath in kitchen

Scary when a fire happens, imagine when it happens to your home? In this property located in the city of Norwalk, Ca that's exactly what happened. One of the residents in this property accidentally put something to heat up in the microwave with a metal utensil that caused a fire. Luckily the fire was put out fairly quickly by the Fire Dep. and our experienced technicians went to work and made it "Like it never even happened."

smoke damage to walls

Board up Post Fire

This was the aftermath of a candle fire in Bellflower when we arrive on the scene. There was significant smoke, soot and water damage to the property due to the fire fighters efforts to stop the fire.