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SERVPRO team looking for moisture within wood

The SERVPRO squad checking for hidden moisture

When you suffer a water damage, there are many areas that might go unaddressed if you don't have the proper equipment. The SERVPRO of Bellflower squad has the latest equipment and training to detect for moisture in these hard-to-see areas. 

SERVPRO team member is seen extracting water

The SERVPRO of Bellflower squad extracting water

In this office, the customer had water seep through the wall next door. Luckily, we were there to extract the water immediately before any major damage occurred. We have the capability to extract heavy amounts of water with our state of the art equipment. 

SERVPRO squad will do the dirty work for you

The SERVPRO of Bellflower squad getting down and dirty

The SERVPRO of Bellflower team is trained to handle the dirty part of the work, Sometimes, they make it look too smooth! Don't worry, these guys have their full PPE on, making sure they stay nice and dry behind the suits.

giving our stress balls to our local senior facility

Helping our local seniors be stress free these holidays!

The holidays are a time for giving, and so, we wanted to give out some stress balls?? to our local senior facility to help out with the stress the holidays bring! .

Servpro employees helping clean the dirty areas in our city

SERVPRO team is all about the community!

We heard?? you Bellflower!!! We did our best to make sure that the empty space behind Stater Bros on Palm Street was left looking like nothing ever even happened. We couldn't go behind the chain link fence, however, we made sure to get as much as we could????????

Display of how we service hardwood floors

Grand Opening Displays

Here we have a display demonstrating the capability of our equipment for hardwood floors. If you have a wood floor that you are trying to save, this machine has the capability of injecting concentrated heat to the affected hard wood floor. 

Robin Snow wins a speaker in our raffle

Raffle Time!

Robin Snow wins a raffle prize at our grand opening event. We wanted our guest to have a unique take away experience, so we decide to treat our guest at our grand opening with some raffle prizes.

The Servpro team

The SERVPRO of Bellflower team

Our team is composed of unique individuals that take pride in what they do! We are looking foward to helping you when you need it most!